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When Lasting Power of Attorney is needed

The challenge

Frank had always assumed that he’d be able to look after the finances of his frail mother, Grace, if she became unable to do so herself. However, Grace has been deemed to be mentally incapable and, therefore, a Lasting Power of Attorney could not be sought.

Frank had to apply to the Office of the Public Guardian for the only alternative, which was the appointment of himself as a Deputy. The process was lengthy and time-consuming and meant that her estate was frozen for many months, despite all the funds being in place for her care, transport, medical expenses and support. Eventually, Frank was appointed a Deputy for which he had to pay an application fee and ongoing annual fees. To compound the matter, Frank had to suffer the indignity of regular statutory checks to prove that he was looking after his mother appropriately.

The solution

Whilst we were unable to help Frank with respect to his mother, we have been able to help Frank. He said: “If only we’d arranged an LPA when she was healthy. All this distress, expense and worry could have been avoided.

The results

Frank is covered by an LPA so that if the worst happens to him, no-one else in my family will have to go through what they have endured with his mother’s case.

Case Studies

When a Will review was needed for Steve and Jane

Steve and Jane have been married for 45 years and have two children; Carol and Simon. They own property as beneficial joint tenants and each have investments totaling £180,000 with their financial planner.

Protecting John and Jill's children

John and Jill have three adult children; Leo, Joey and Charlie. Leo is recently separated and is starting the divorce process. He is living in rented accommodation and is planning to purchase a property again once the divorce is finalised.

What our clients say

Paul’s knowledge, professionalism and compassion for client circumstances shine through at all times. As we share these values and our premium services, it means we work well alongside each other. I also value his rapid turnaround times when speed is of the essence to protect financial futures. From my angle, I recognise how his input has contributed to my brokerage growth.

Having known Paul for several years it was a no-brainer for me to engage his expertise to help my clients when he acquired a successful estate planning and will writing business. I've learned from experience that STEP-qualified professionals with Paul’s level of expertise and client-first approach are few and far between.

How much do I trust and value Paul’s advice and service? At the highest level, which is why I have introduced him to family, friends, colleagues and clients. Each delighted with his manner, knowledge and service. It’s not a question of why an IFA would want to work with Paul, it’s why not a question of why an IFA would want to work with Paul, it’s why

Working with Paul provides a resource to open up conversations with clients that was not before available to me. He is forward thinking and provides solutions for even the most complex cases I present to him. These solutions are regularly new to me and allow me to provide extra advice and services that further enhance client outcomes.

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