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Making a Will

Research suggests that more than two-thirds of people in the UK don’t have a Will. Many people believe they are either too young to write a Will or that it’s too expensive or they don’t have enough money or property to make writing a Will worthwhile.

The reality is that dying without a Will can make what is already a difficult time a lot harder for your family. You risk depriving your spouse or partner of their home, increasing any potential inheritance tax liability and leaving your estate in the wrong hands. With a younger family if the worst happens, in addition to having to deal with the loss of one or both parents, children are also faced with other problems. For example, they may have to move to a new house or change school; they may even be taken into care whilst social services appoint a suitable guardian.

If you haven’t yet made your Will now is the time to act; especially if you have children. Do not leave it until tomorrow, life is uncertain and ‘tomorrow’ won’t come for an unfortunate few of us.

Our service includes a home-visit service that is inclusive to the price of the Will. We can offer advice and guidance on how to secure your assets for your family. We can also advise on how to secure your assets for vulnerable members of your family.

Our pricing structure is fixed and you receive a written copy along with our Terms of Business and Code of Conduct so there are no hidden surprises.

Having produced the documents we then supervise the attestation to ensure that your Will is properly executed. Simple, effective and affordable.